Book Release: The Poison in All of Us

working poison cover finalPublication day has come at last! My YA historical mystery novella and the start of a new series is now available in ebook from Amazon, print availability to follow. Check it out and dive into the world of December 1918, in a small town full of suffragists, do-gooders, lawbreakers, doomsday preppers, a heroine who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, and, of course, murder.

So what’s it about?

Winter breaks are supposed to be exciting; this one is murder.

In December 1918, the Great War is over and everyone in the small town of Cora, Georgia is ready to relax. Stepping off the train from school, sixteen-year-old Emmie McAllister looks forward to a pleasant Christmas, one in which she can fix up a motorcycle, wear trousers, and enjoy the look on her mother’s face.

Yet the holidays turn darker when Emmie and her least favorite classmate, prim and proper Dessa, stumble across the murdered body of the town’s most prominent suffrage activist. Emmie finds herself saddled with Dessa as both girls are determined to help find the killer.

But the more they poke around, the harder life gets for outspoken women in Cora. With a mysterious stalker, anonymous threats, and more, if Emmie and Dessa don’t work together and find the culprit quickly, they could be the next victims.

Get it here! This week the ebook is only 99 cents. The price will go up to $2.99 on November 23.

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