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The Orchid Caper: The First in a New Series

A down-on-her luck burglar, a trust fund college kid with something to prove. Will they outfox a master thief?

All eighteen-year-old Darlene wants is to rob the joint. College guy Ian comes home too soon. And some ill-timed flatulence brings them together. Darlene thinks she’s toast. Instead Ian gives her a job offer, leading a heist team to steal a rare species of vanilla orchid. Only catch, she’s swiping from one of the best thieves in the biz.

With her dad’s store on its last legs, Darlene needs the cash she’ll get when the job is done. Ian’s in it to win a bet. Can their rag-tag team pinch the flower right under their mark’s nose? And can they remember not to eat beans for breakfast?

The Orchid Caper is the first in a humorous YA action/adventure series. If you love action with a sense of humor, this is the book for you.

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Poison cover forthcoming 3D imageThe Poison in All of Us: A Novella and Series Starter

Winter breaks are supposed to be exciting; this one is murder.

In December 1918, the Great War is over and everyone in the small town of Cora, Georgia is ready to relax. Stepping off the train from school, sixteen-year-old Emmie McAllister looks forward to a pleasant Christmas, one in which she can fix up a motorcycle, wear trousers, and enjoy the look on her mother’s face.

Yet the holidays turn darker when Emmie and her least favorite classmate, prim and proper Dessa, stumble across the murdered body of the town’s most prominent suffrage activist. Emmie finds herself saddled with Dessa as both girls are determined to help find the killer.

But the more they poke around, the harder life gets for outspoken women in Cora. With a mysterious stalker, anonymous threats, and more, if Emmie and Dessa don’t work together and find the culprit quickly, they could be the next victims.

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Break Your Writer’s Block Cards

Pick a card and break your writer’s block!

Whether you’re writing for fun, for work, or for a class, no writer likes the dreaded block. Break it up and get writing again by dealing yourself a writing prompt. And when you need a writing break, you can always play a little poker or bridge. Prompts are suitable for fiction and nonfiction writing. The cards make a great gift for the writer or student in your life.

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Nonfiction Book

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You Can Love Writing: A Guide to Get through Your College Papers and Like It

How would you like to

  • perform with the passion of an Oscar winning actor,
  • compete with the drive and fervor of an Olympic athlete, or
  • teach like you’ve got a Nobel Prize slung around your neck

all while doing your homework?

Believe it or not, you can do all of this and much more in the course of writing your college papers. This book takes you through the overlapping stages of the writing process, using game mechanics, cooperation, and learning styles to help you have as much fun as possible and take charge of your own education. With exercises and activities for groups and individuals, this text focuses on the meat of writing, the big picture elements that matter most in both college papers and real world writing situations, all with an eye toward enjoyment.

Sit down, crack open this guide, and give your favorite notebook a big hug. You may not have a choice about writing your papers, but who says you can’t love them?

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