Art Markers and Feathers

This week’s theme was feathered animals. This was also the week in which my Prismacolor art week 2markers came in the mail. Hooray for starting a new medium! Much as I love watercolors, I’ve been wanting to try art markers for a while and I find them much more convenient for life with a toddler who interrupts me a lot, as toddlers tend to do.

This is actually my second attempt at this challenge. The first was done on watercolor paper, because I have a huge stash of it, but (surprise-surprise) it is a terrible paper for markers. You can’t blend colors at all. If you want to join in the challenge (or see my embarrassing first attempt with markers) you’ll just have to get in on the Facebook group.

As for this gal, her expression has changed so much from my initial sketches, but I think I like its final form. It’s amazing how a tiny adjustment in one line can alter a character’s emotion.


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